Meet our team

As Tasmania’s largest injury prevention and workplace rehabilitation provider, we boast a unique knowledge of the local community. Our team of allied health professionals are dedicated to achieving your goals with the highest standards of service. What sets us apart is our diverse and collaborative approach, bringing together specialists in workplace rehabilitation, injury prevention, health and safety, mediation, and training. This collective expertise allows us to understand rehabilitation, work safety principles, and corporate wellbeing practices in a holistic manner.


of our staff have more than 10 years’ experience in their respective fields of practice

Our Leaders

  • Carli du Plessis

    Carli du Plessis


  • Aleem Khalfan

    Aleem Khalfan

    Clinical Lead, Physical Services

  • Merima Pasalic

    Merima Pasalic

    Customer Experience Lead

  • Kirsten Farmer

    Kirsten Farmer

    Team Leader

  • Mandi Swart

    Mandi Swart

    Team Leader

Our Consultants

  • Kirandeep Kaur

    Kirandeep Kaur


  • Linda Duniam

    Linda Duniam

    Rehabilitation Counsellor

  • Gabby Hutchinson

    Gabby Hutchinson


  • Thao Dinh

    Thao Dinh

    Social Worker

  • Jane Pooley

    Jane Pooley

    Registered Nurse

  • Polly Jack

    Polly Jack

    Registered Nurse

  • Libby Betts

    Libby Betts

    Registered Nurse

  • Jane McCauley

    Jane McCauley

    Occupational Therapist

  • Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith


  • Tracey Beattie

    Tracey Beattie

    Registered Nurse

  • Bronwyn Green

    Bronwyn Green

    Registered Nurse

  • Raelene Smith

    Raelene Smith

    Registered Nurse

Our Support Professionals

  • Holly Bloye

    Holly Bloye

    Lead Administrator

  • Ellie Lindsay

    Ellie Lindsay

    Occupational Rehabilitation Assistant

  • Alvin Sy

    Alvin Sy

    Employment Advisor